Counting Down to Cornfields

What I'm looking forward to.

I'm headed home today. Home to Ohio! I haven't been home in over a year (since before my parents moved to Texas), and I cannot wait to get out of the city and into the cornfields. I'm going to see my parents, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We're going to chat, and play Trivial Pursuit, and barbeque, and eat, and sit outside, and listen only to the quiet farm noises and to each other. It's going to be a good weekend.

Happy 4th!


Robin Lately

Well, hello there.

I suppose I must have subconsciously decided to take a blogging hiatus for 2.5 months. But here I am, back again – hopefully this time for good (or, at least, for a goodly amount of time)

So, what’s been shaking? Let’s see… April 9 was the last time we spoke. So a lot of things have happened since then.

I made a flying trip to Indy to get together with the four fourths before one of the fourths left for Spain. (But rumor has it, she will be Stateside for a few weeks this summer, and I plan to get some Sarah-time in).

I went to Houston to surprise my baby brother for his 11th birthday. That was a great time – I took two days off work, used my free flight from Southwest, and got to see the look of sheer astonishment on Nick’s face when I walked in the door after Dad “went to check on some things at work” (really, he went to pick me up from the airport). I did get the flu while I was there, but it was at the end of my visit and my mom was there to take care of me – that sort of thing doesn’t happen often in adult life.

Two friends from church got married at the end of April and their wedding was beautiful: it was kind of a big wedding, but they made it seem so personal. I really got a glimpse into their relationship with Jesus as a couple. It really was beautiful. And I’ve never seen a bride and groom dance so much at the reception. That was awesome!

Then, in May, a bunch of people moved away. Evelyn moved back to England and Kat to Indiana (in preparation for her official move to The Ohio State University and grad school). So we had some going away parties. And it was sad when they were gone.

Liz had a big bash for her big 3-0 later that month and it was SO fun. And I met a pilot. Then, later on that same night, Kelly and Stacey and I went to Carol’s (which is this country music dive-bar that’s open after the other bars close), and I met ANOTHER pilot. I didn’t think it was possible to meet two pilots in one night, but it is my friends, it is.

Let’s see…that brings us to the beginning of June, which meant MINNESOTA for Amy and Scott’s nuptials. So fun. I love them. And it was just a fantastic weekend full of people I love and a very happy, happy occasion. Also, we were in Minnesota, which makes me inordinately happy on principal.

The next weekend my brother John came to visit and he tagged along with a bunch of my friends to Ribfest (which I’m pretty sure wasn’t a hardship for him) and then over to Mulligan’s, a dive-ish bar with dartboards lining the back wall. Here, John and Marissa’s friend Ted held dart school for Kelly and Marissa and me. I wish I could say we passed with flying colors…but I cannot.

And then it was off to TENNESSEE for another wedding – this time for Emily and Mark. Due to a bunch of technical difficulties revolving around vehicles, we ended up renting a car for this trip. And, I guess since we were so pretty, the Avis people gave us a free upgrade to a Lincoln Towncar. Yes. The same car my grandmother owns, albeit a much newer model. But let me tell you folks, if you must road-trip, the Lincoln is not a bad way to do it. It’s huge! The wedding was so fun (and SO hot – heat index of 107 degrees!), and Emily looked so happy and graceful. And Mark was very dapper. And when we weren’t celebrating those two, Kelly and Liz and Kat and Leah (!) and Jimmy (!) and I were all hanging out, enjoying being together in the old group again. Love them.

This brings us more or less to last weekend, which was another moving weekend, this time for my own roommate! Marissa headed off to Colorado to be closer to her new fiancé, which leaves me with an empty house (but not for long…).

So far this week I’ve been busy, busy. On Tuesday night Kelly and I tried out Yoga By the Lake (a class offered by our gym). I was nervous – it was my first time doing serious yoga. I’ve always just kind of goofed around with it (partner yoga, anyone?). But it was fun! I think I want to try to go to a basics class sometime soon so I can at least figure out how to get my bearings, but it was so wonderful to be outside, listening to the water and the birds. Good stuff.

Then last night I had fully planned on going home after work, making some stir-fry and cleaning the kitchen. But then Frances sent me a little G-chat asking me to go on an adventure with her: free Mat Kearney concert at the Taste of Chicago! Truthfully, though the adventure wasn't in my plans for the evening, I realized that if I went home I’d be wishing I would have gone with Frances, and if I went with Frances, I for sure wouldn’t be wishing I had gone home. So, we made it work, and I had a fantastic time. And, since I had ridden my bike to work, I rode home from Frances’s place, which is down town, after the Taste. It was a gorgeous night, and I left just when the sky was turning sapphire blue. I rode home along the lakefront trail with the glittering city lights on one side and the lake on the other. It was quiet, and warm, and so, so lovely.

And that’s the wrap up!