A Not-So-Minor Detail

Now, when I told you that big story yesterday, I left out a very important detail – I thought it needed a whole post of its own.

I remember going to Chicago for the first time during the summer after my first year of college. Two high-school friends and I made a mad dash over there just for one day. Everything was new to me – I’m pretty sure I never closed my eyes once the whole day. That night, as we waited outside to be seated at Giordano’s, I looked up at all the enormous buildings and I could feel something stirring; I knew I wanted to live there some day.

Fast forward to the end of college, a.k.a. the big bad freak-out where Robin has NO clue what she should do with her life, doesn’t want to leave her friends and doesn’t have any plans post-graduation besides moving back in with her parents in Ohio. Cue the crying myself to sleep in the dorm room, pleading with my parents to let me stay at IWU one more year, wasting money by taking the GRE without a plan or even studying.

But move back to Ohio I did. And after applying for jobs in Indy or anywhere close to my friends back at school, and then applying for jobs all over the country when that didn’t work out, I eventually found myself employed in Downtown Chicago with an apartment in one of the best neighborhoods, and, after about a year of agonizing loneliness, a church to call home and some friends who became my family.

All that happened without any help from me. It’s so obvious that God was at work, pulling me in a direction I always wanted to go without my even noticing it. He blessed me abundantly and so completely accurately that every one of my needs was met, more perfectly than I could have imagined. During all the agonizing and desperate praying that things would work out, God was at work – even when it felt like nothing was happening and like I would stay in this quagmire of uncertainly forever.

And once again, I can see how God blessed me with this new opportunity at just the right moment. This transition has really been ridiculously easy (aside from inevitably missing Chicago, my “family,” and my church). My lease was up at the end of August so I didn’t need to find a sub-letter, my brother was able to come help me move, my parents lent me some money to offset the moving costs, my grandpa lent me his pick-up truck so I could just rent a trailer from U-haul instead of paying big bucks for a moving truck, some of my best friends had a spare room in their house in Cincinnati that I could live in as long as I needed and had time to take me to and pick me up from work….I could continue, actually, but you’d probably lose interest.

But I’m so, so thankful. So thankful that these crazy-generous people allowed God to use them. So thankful that while I was wallowing in my “I hate my job” woes, He was building a plan so wonderful and so right for me, that it would surpass anything earthly-me could have ever hoped for. So thankful that I serve a loving, kind, generous, omniscient, sovereign Lord who is patient with me when I despair and whine that I can’t see what lies ahead and who delights in my joy when it’s revealed. Love Him.


Big, Belated News

(Oh my. I’m going to ignore all the previous posts about reviving this blog and just start right in, ok?)

So…I got a new job!

And, I moved.

Here’s how it all started: After coming home from an AMAZING 4th of July weekend in NW Ohio, Leah, one of my dearest friends from Chicago (who had only that early spring moved back to her hometown, Cincinnati), called me up to tell me about this seemingly perfect-for-me job opening she had heard of – a copywriter for a media group that owns four radio stations in Cincy.

Now, for a little background info: I had been pondering my time in Chicago and whether it was coming to a close for a while. It was no secret that I was unhappy with my current job and had been for a very long time. I wasn’t making much money, and certainly wasn’t saving any. Also, I felt very much like I was just spinning my wheels waiting for something to happen while all my friends were moving on to the next steps in their lives. So, I began to think of my options for when my lease was up at the end of August. Cincinnati was, in fact, one of my options since I have some very good friends who currently live there.

And here’s how it all went down: I decided to apply. The job really was perfect for me – it offered a significantly higher salary, it was in a city where the cost of living was much more manageable, and it seemed to require all of the skills I had learned in my four years at my previous job, plus all the natural qualities and talents I’ve always had. And, it seemed really cool.

My application was received, and I was called for a phone interview that went really well. Then they asked me to do a brief writing assignment. Once that had been received and looked over, they called me to set up a face-to-face interview, which meant making some travel plans. After a harrowing experience standing in a monsoon for HOURS waiting for the Mega Bus to get to the station in Chicago, as well as a fantastic night introducing some of my best friends to each other, I had an equally fantastic interview.

Back to Chicago and back to work, I eagerly anticipated a phone call from my prospective employers. Somewhere along the line I decided that if they were to offer me the position I would do it – pack it all up and move from my beloved city, friends and church and start a new adventure. Finally, after a week, I heard back – they were offering me the job! I accepted.

I was pretty elated to walk into my boss’s office the next day and hand over my two weeks’ notice. There were so many, many things I wanted to say – how under-appreciated I felt on a regular basis, how ridiculously and irrationally the company was run, how I was leaving this job to go be PAID (and paid MORE) for something they never thought I could do, write. Which is complete bunk because DUH. I’m an excellent writer. ;)

Two weeks and lots of moving-related stress and I was off to Cincinnati. I’ll never be able to express my gratitude and say exactly how loved I felt by all the people who said they’d miss me, who helped me move (specifically the hero-of-the-moving-extravaganza, my little bro John), who lent me money, who have been fostering my cat, and who have been housing me and driving me around since I arrived (no apartment and no car yet). It’s been a complete and utter whirlwind. Seriously, this whole business began on July 5th and by August 23rd I was sitting in the HR office on my first day. Whirlwind.

I’ll be posting more (hopefully tomorrow) on my exciting plans for the weekend and other tidbits of info on my new life here in Ohio. Check back if you’re interested!