New Stuff

So, today I got some new stuff. :)

We had our company Christmas party, - to give you a brief idea of the concept - there's a gift table and names are drawn and when you hear your name, you go up and get a gift off the table. Gifts range from awesome (like an iPad or a flat-screen TV), pretty darn good (a Kindle, iPod nano, spa packages), respectable (scrapbook kits, inexpensive-yet-nice jewelry) and the stuff that no one wants (CDs that have been lying around the studios, a giant Disney Christmas stocking with nothing inside). I, personally, had my eye on a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. But alas, my name wasn't called in time. Some jokester guy DJ took it - probably to sell it on eBay. Or maybe he likes to cook - I don't know his life!

Anyways, I came away with a pretty darn good/respectable (depending on your tastes) gift: the deluxe collection of all three of Steig Larsson's books (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest). I've read the first two, loved them and have been waiting to read the third. And now I can! The books are definitely a little too fancy for what I need, but it's nice to have such a collectors' item, I suppose. (And I looked at the price on the bottom - the set goes for $99!)

After the party, which was at Maggiano's in the Kenwood Mall, we had the rest of the day free, so I went over to Williams Sonoma. I have a gift card there left over from my birthday, you see. Anyways. I walked in and what do I find? A sign informing me that all cookware is 20 percent off this week only - ALL cookware. That meant Le Creuset, which I have been pining after for years and which never goes on sale, was on sale!! And I had a gift card. SO. I picked up this little baby on the cheap. And I am truly in love.


Christmas Tunes

Happy December everybody!

Yesterday, in honor of December 1st, it snowed. And I broke out the Christmas music. As I grew up, my mom amassed a serious collection of Christmas CDs that I eventually burned onto my computer so I could listen to them in my own home. Albums include Glenn Miller, tons of Mannheim Steamroller, Lorie Line, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, some beautiful instrumental CDs from The Nature Company (remember that store?), and other ones by Various Artists.

I love listening to this music. It reminds me of all the Christmas preparations that went on in my childhood home and all the anticipation and general good feelings that went along with those preparations. This music played when we decorated the Christmas tree, when we made gingerbread boys and other baked goods, when we wrapped presents, when we opened presents, really when we spent any kind of time together around the holidays, just hanging out and enjoying each other. 

Anyways, I’m listening to it now and feeling all warm and fuzzy and Christmas-y. 


Hope you’re feeling the same!