How Very Pinteresting

Here are 10 recent pins that make my heart go pitter-pat:

Let's start with food, shall we? This dish of angel hair pasta with caramelized onions, roasted balsamic figs, bacon and goat cheese looks divine.

This is a rösti - which is basically a creamy, fluffy hashbrown cloud cooked in a skillet. Sounds like serious comfort food.

Now this is what I call a fall dessert - apple bread pudding with booze and brioche. I'm probably going to need to make this very, very soon.

I don't know where this store is, but I'm starting to think that running it would be my dream job. The Daily Picnic Store - supplying itinerant diners with cured meats, bottles of wine and other beverages, cheeses, baguettes, gourmet sandwiches, fruits, cookies...

Sartorially, I'm really into this vest, and I'll tell you why - I like that it's not synthetic-swishy like all the puffer vests are these days. It's way too expensive for me, but I'd like to find something similar in a herringbone fabric, filled with down and super cozy.

A less expensive way for me to incorporate herringbone, but still equally as cute, is this amazing scarf! I am thisclose to hitting "add to cart" on just about anything in this etsy store.

This OPI color is called Sapphire in the Snow and I love it. It's moody and perfect for winter. I used to never paint my nails because I'm a terrible picker and as soon as one little chip would form the whole thing would be coming off. And I hate jaggedy nail polish. But lately I've become pretty grown-up about not picking at my nail polish, so I'm considering investing in a new color this season.

I haven't been able to get this bracelet out of my head. Luckily I work with the lovely Megan Fenno of FENNOFashion, and she's going to put her mad jewelry-design skills to work on creating a leathery cuff with a big brass ring just for me :) Can't wait!

Maybe I'm alone here, but I love views like this - a little slice of a room seen through an open door in the hallway. It's like...what's in there? Looks like something good. Framed by the black doors, the room just calls to me. This might be my favorite design element - the way rooms look from across the hall.

And basically, I just want to take a long nap in here. This room is so gorgeous and incredibly peaceful. I feel restored just looking at it.


Liz said...

I am loving those scarves (I'll likely be buying myself one for Christmas) and that nail color is great. I'm a huge fan of the darker nails in fall and winter. A great top coat works wonders to keep them looking good.

Robin said...

Liz, have you tried Seche Vite? It is THE BEST topcoat I have ever tried.