Easy Does It

So Christmas is over.

And what a whirlwind it was! I had some not-so-great moments of stress and silliness in the midst of a season full of meaning so outside material and temporal things. It's shameful the way holiday busyness can overcrowd and overshadow what I really, truly want to be contemplating and setting my heart on.

After some refocusing words from my friends and family, I mostly got back on the right track, and off to Houston I went! I can't wait to tell you all about it - as well as my trip to Chicago earlier in the month and also some other goodies.

But today, after a delayed flight that had me coming home at 2 a.m. and then heading off to work merely a few hours later, I'm tired. Too tired to think or write more than this little update to tell you that I've still got big plans for this blog - well, maybe not that big, but plans nonetheless. And to tell you that I hope you're recovering from holiday travel/eating/stress by surrounding yourself with comforts. Today mine are:

J Crew sweater

An old, oversized J.Crew sweater, glasses, a recently gifted tube of fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment, a recently reunited pair of boot socks and coffee coffee coffee in a new tumbler I found in my stocking! 

What are the things you reach for when you need to ease back into life?


This little guy...

...is too much. A few more photos of sweet Sam from my short little visit today over lunch. I could have stayed all day!


My beautiful friend - mother of two! 

Trying to get all three of us in a pic made him
a little perturbed, but still precious.
It's difficult for me to explain, but this time in my life - the time that my closest and deepest friends are having babies - is bringing me so.much.joy. I think it's probably a combination of things: first, my bosom friend carried and brought forth this new life (not without a huge effort), something so foreign to me and mysterious and amazing. I'm filled with awe while I sit in their mother-glow. Second, it's a new life! This person wasn't here just a day, hours ago. Something about that makes me want to just be near to this brand-new soul. Maybe because this baby is still so close to his Creator. And third, two people I care for, love and enjoy so much are distilled into one tiny-little cute-little thing!

I'm so thankful for, so incredibly blessed to have a small part in the story of their lives. Even if I never got there to hold them, these children are true treasures of mine that hold pieces of my heart forever.

NJH, JOS, JWM, IJO, SJS and more to come!



Today has been a good day. Not only did I make an awesome lunch, but I also got good news of amazing answered prayer from a couple close friends, including the arrival of this little guy into the world. I cannot wait to get him all bundled into my arms. Jath and Aaron, you two make some darn cute kids. Congrats, my friends!