Last week I did something that I haven't done in 14 years. I painted. The last art class I took was in the 8th grade, since I peaked that year after painting a passable seahorse. I knew there was no future in high school Art for me - I had other elective fish to fry, like Yearbook and Choir, and also my temperament just isn't suited to the patience and risk-taking associated with painting and drawing, etc.

But last week I smocked up with Leah and Beth at Cheers to Art, a fun little studio that has a bar and holds classes in which everyone learns the same painting and no experience is necessary. You might think "yeah right," but truly, I enjoyed myself (when I remembered to breathe) and I came out with a painting I'm proud of. The vibe is very chill and no pressure, so that helps.

All the supplies are provided in the cost ($35), and on our particular night, $10 of everyone's fees went to the Downs Syndrome Society.

The finished product!

If you have a chance to do a class like this I highly recommend it, especially if art doesn't stress you out like it does me. :) It was fun to stretch myself, though, and really see what I could do. So even if you haven't picked up a paint brush in 10+ years and have never had any discernible artistic tendencies, you'll still have a good time!

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