FENNOfashion: Making My Jewelry Dreams Come True

Back in November, I posted about how my co-worker/jewelry designer Megan Fenno was going to make me a custom bracelet based off one I was obsessed with on Pinterest. She did, and I love it! (Full disclosure: she made it for me a long time ago; I've just been putting off writing this post.)

Megan's really talented and loves creating custom pieces for people. Plus, she doesn't mind making adjustments to the piece so that it's exactly what you want.

For example, I'm possibly a little less sparkly than Megan's typical customer when it comes to jewelry. When I asked for a few changes to the studs on the original bracelet she made, she had it back to me right away with the perfect little brass studs!

I get compliments on the bracelet all the time. It's like an edgy antique leather cuff (which is my fave bracelet style), but I love that it wraps and the clasp is heavy-duty and industrial cool. When I saw it online, I was bummed because I had no idea where to find it. But I came to Megan, and she made it happen! Thanks again, Megan!


Lynn Everett said...

Hi, Robin, just to let you know I have known Megan for quite a while now. Her grandfather was my significant other and I feel like she is really my Cincy granddaughter. LOL
I have quite a few pieces of her jewelry and they are all lovely and cherished by me. Thanks for writing a wonderful piece about her.
Hugs, Lynn

Robin said...

It was my pleasure, Lynn! And thanks for your sweet comment!