My New Gifting Go-To

It’s always a good idea to run through your calendar and scan for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other occasions that call for gifts – weddings and bridal showers, anyone? How about Father’s Day coming up in just a few weeks? Right. If you’re on the hunt for perfect gifts, all in one convenient place with FREE shipping, then look no further than West Elm Market!

I found this off-shoot of the West Elm website recently and was pretty impressed with their selection of clever, unique and thoughtful items that would make great gifts or a special treat for yourself. For example, I got this cute little pruner for my Mom (along with a book on flower arranging) for Mother's Day, and she loves it. Lots of items are on sale right now (like these awesome wooden cooking tools), and did I mention that shipping is free*?

So check it out!

*You do have to be careful – the Market is part of the whole West Elm online store, so some things may appear on the website without the free shipping because they’re not “in the Market.” It’s slightly confusing, but when in doubt, each free shipping item is marked next to the photo.


girlevolving.com said...

Just bought a few things for Dave for father's day. Thanks for the new site! I loved their stuff!

Robin said...

Awesome! :)