What to Eat This Weekend

Need some inspiration for what to eat this weekend? Here are a few recipes I've tried that will give you a truly excellent food weekend. Take a look, get inspired and get to the store!

Friday Night

Pizza night. Before you go to bed tonight (Thursday), throw this pizza crust together. It is my very favorite and is pretty simple to make. It's best when it can rise for several hours in the fridge, so making it a night ahead of when you'll need it is ideal.

Top your pizza with minced garlic and olive oil, with spinach, bacon and an egg (put the pizza in the oven without it, but leave a little space for it in the middle, then, when there's about 10 or so minutes left to cook, take the pizza out, crack the egg and put it back in until it's done!). Or pizza sauce, Italian sausage, shredded mozzarella.

For dessert? Peanut blossoms!


Breakfast: If you're like me, you'd do anything for a runny egg yolk. Check out these super easy deconstructed egg sandwiches. They take four ingredients - and one of them is a garnish!

Lunch: Chances are, you're running errands, cleaning and keeping busy on your Saturday afternoon. Maybe you don't even stop for lunch. If you do, try this super quick meal - a throw-back from college made all grown up with shrimp, mushrooms and scallions. Just prepare the ramen as directed (I used the Oriental flavor) but instead of draining the liquid, keep it for a soup, add thawed cooked shrimp, mushrooms and sliced scallions. The shrimp will warm up in the soup!

Dinner: Fire up the grill, invite some friends and have steak night! Prepare these super easy oven fries and a spinach salad with strawberries, cucumber, green onions and a balsamic poppy-seed dressing to go with it. For the fries, cut up two russet potatoes, pour 1/4 vegetable oil into a 9-inch baking pan, toss potatoes in the oil and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper. Cook for 15 minutes at 425, then stir, salt and pepper again, and cook 15 more. Take them out, pour off any liquid, and put back in the oven for 10 minutes or until golden and crisp.

Dessert? Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!


Brunch: Everyone's different when it comes to the big Sunday meal, but if you do brunch, why not try cinnamon streusel baked French toast (prepare everything ahead of time on Saturday night, refrigerate and bake it out in the morning), deconstructed egg sandwiches (or just regular eggs), bacon and fruit? I highly, highly recommend the Wellshire Farms dry rubbed bacon that you get at the meat counter at Whole Foods. It is a total splurge, but it is the very best bacon I have ever had. And don't forget plenty of coffee and OJ!

Lunch: If you don't do a big brunch or have some hungry little ones running around begging for an actual lunch, why not do chicken nuggets? They don't take much time and are so tasty and juicy. I changed the recipe a little and added some other herbs to the breadcrumb mix, and I fried mine for a few minutes on each side in a small amount of oil in a skillet.

Dinner: Maybe you do a big afternoon or evening meal on Sunday? If that's the case, then this Italian pot roast is a fantastic idea. It takes a little forethought, since you have to cook the meat for four hours, refrigerate for a few more and then warm everything up and assemble, but it's a great meal to dig into with the ones you love. So flavorful, tender and worth the effort!

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